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Join me as I explore the different aspects of self-improvement across the fascinating realms of the mind, body and spirit.

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Dean Hardware

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The POWER of Affirmations and How they help Reprogram your Mind

Do you talk to yourself?

Do you engage in conversation with yourself out loud or in your mind?

What exactly are you affirming to yourself every day?

For most of us, there is a little voice in our heads that we use to think, plan, create, analyse, talk to ourselves, etc.

What does it say?

How does it sound?

How does it make you behave?

How does it make you feel?

If your inner dialogue is negative, pessimistic, and limited…

You will experience a reality that follows suit. 

If your inner dialogue is positive, optimistic, and abundant…

It will reflect onto your outer world.

Because what happens inside of you, ripples into the Ether and affects your entire reality.

As within, so without.

You’ve heard of positive self-talk before, right?

Athletes utilise this all the time.

Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo is producing negative self-talk before he takes a free-kick?

“But what if I miss?”

“I can’t score from here.”

“What will they think if I mess this up?”

Absolutely not.

At the top echelon of performance, positive self-talk and strong beliefs are key ingredients to success.

Your thoughts are the seed of your life.

Thoughts lead to emotions.

Thoughts lead to actions.

The thoughts you entertain shape your reality.

You can think consciously…

Or you can allow it to take place unconsciously.

If you are happy with how your life is going, you probably don’t need to change anything.

You can choose to allow your current subconscious programming to run your life.

You can drop out of your mind and into your body.

And be in the present moment as often as possible. 

Or you can use your conscious mind (masculine) to impregnate your subconscious mind (feminine) with more desirable software.

Because a lot of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours were learned.

They are not you…

Once you figure out and strip away what isn’t yours, you find who you are.

Once you deprogram yourself, you can then reprogram yourself with thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that you want to experience.

This isn’t changing who you are…

It is identifying your unwanted programs.

Removing the negative software and then installing more of what YOU want.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are words or sentences that you vibrate into the universe.

Affirmations are made up of words, terms, phrases, and sentences that you want to install into your reality.

I used to think affirmations were “woo woo”…

Until I realised that they are simply words and sentences that you want to program into your subconscious mind. 

Reading, writing, and speaking affirmations is a great way to prime yourself for your life.

You can sit and listen to a podcast or a YouTube video that provides you with insightful and motivating words, right?

You can read a book that contains powerful messaging.

So why can’t you read, write, and speak the same POWERFUL words to yourself?

If you read a news headline…

Or a text message…

It makes you think, feel, and act a certain way.

Could you curate those words for yourself?

Could they be words that empower you and correspond with positivity and light?

If you’re like most people, you most likely affirm to yourself unconsciously.

You allow an unconscious program to run unaltered in the background.

For example, if you constantly think that you are not good enough…

If you are constantly doubting yourself and putting yourself down.

You are installing that software into your subconscious mind.

“Neurons that fire together, wire together.” – Joe Dispenza/Donald Hebb

Your thoughts ripple out into your reality.

And if you find that you naturally and unconsciously create negative things to say to yourself…

You have to use your conscious mind to focus on the positive end of the spectrum.

You have to make yourself think, say, feel, and do positive things.

Because if you don’t program yourself…

Someone else will do it for you.

Words Are So Powerful

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

You probably heard this saying when you were growing up.

But I can guarantee that at some point in your life, someone has said something to you that hurt you.

If you put an “S” in front of the word “word”…

You get “sword”… because words are cutting.

You can consciously prevent words from changing your state…

However, this does not mean that words have no power.

Words are spells.

It’s why the first thing you learn when you go to school is how to spell.

You are casting spells when you speak and write.

The words you think, speak, and write all hold a specific vibration that ripples into your reality.

If you said “abrakadabra”…

And you made the person you are speaking to feel happy and loved…

I would call that magic.

But if you simply said “I love you”…

And made them feel the exact same way.

Most people wouldn’t see that as magic.

When you are literally making people think, feel, and behave in a certain way based on three words you said to them.

Words are spells.

Words are so powerful.

Make sure you choose your words and the intent behind them wisely.

How to Write Affirmations

Before you write any affirmations, you must begin to take notice of what you say to yourself on a daily basis.

Because awareness is the precursor to change.

You must pay particular attention to your thoughts when you are challenged or when you are outside of your comfort zone. 

Ask yourself where those thoughts came from.

And ask yourself if those thoughts are benefiting or hindering your life.

You will find out very quickly that the words you say to yourself in your mind, are words that you would never say to anyone else.

You would never be that mean to another person…

So why are you doing it to yourself?

Once you have figured out what you are unconsciously saying to yourself.

Sit down and write a list of words, phrases, and sentences that are the polar opposite of those curses.

Then start to think, write, and speak them into existence every day.

Your mind is fed information through your senses.

Your mind is made up of the information it receives.

When you start to provide your senses with the right information…

It literally changes your mind. 

Focus your conscious mind (masculine) on what you want to program into your subconscious mind (feminine).

When you do this enough…

It will become an unconscious program in your life.

You will unconsciously say positive things to yourself, instead of negative. 

“Where focus goes, energy flows”. – Tony Robbins.

Examples of Affirmations

The most common affirmations are “I am” affirmations.

I am powerful.

I am calm, collected, and present.

I am the architect of my life.

“I am” affirmations are powerful.

However, you can use different words in order to correspond with the different chakras of the body.

“I am” affirmations align with the Root Chakra.

“I feel” affirmations align with the Sacral Chakra.

“I do” affirmations align with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

“I love” affirmations align with the Heart Chakra.

“I speak” affirmations align with the Throat Chakra.

“I see” affirmations align with the Third Eye Chakra.

“I know” affirmations align with the Crown Chakra.

Everyone’s affirmations will be different because we all have different life experiences and different subconscious programming.

You must first make sense of how you want to show up in the world.

Then you can start to affirm in a way that corresponds with that reality.

You have been training yourself (unconsciously) to focus on self-doubt, fear, and negativity for a long time…

You were programmed with this way of thinking.

Either consciously or unconsciously by the people around you…

Or through the mesmerising magic rectangle you are holding in your hand…

Either way, you have unconscious programming that you want to change.

And you do this by using your free will to focus your conscious mind on the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours you want to embody on a daily basis. 

Affirmations are one of many tools you can use to reprogram yourself.

This is your life’s work.

So will you program yourself?

Or will you allow your mind to be programmed by someone else?

The choice is yours.

With energy,


Improve Your Health.

Expand Your Mind.

Raise Your Vibration.

If I can help you see your life and the world around you in a unique and interesting way as we progress along the path of betterment together, I’ll be a happy man. 

Join me as I explore the different aspects of self-improvement across the fascinating realms of the mind, body and spirit.

If I can help you see your life and the world around you in an unique and interesting way as we progress along the path of betterment together, I’ll  be a happy man.