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Join me as I explore the different aspects of self-improvement across the fascinating realms of the mind, body and spirit.

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The Principle of Gender

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender Manifests on all Planes.”The Kybalion

What comes to mind when you hear the word Gender?

Is it the current topic of physical gender that is everywhere you look?

Or do the terms “Masculine” and “Feminine” simply come to mind?

Gender is a hot topic right now.

And whether it is by design or not…

It blurs the lines between the power of the Masculine and the Feminine Principles.

The Principle of Gender is the Cause of all creation.

In order for creation to occur, both the Masculine and the Feminine aspects must be present.

This applies to the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Planes.

The word “Gender” is derived from the Latin root meaning “to beget; to procreate; to generate; to create; to produce.”

Gender has a much more general and broader meaning than the term “sex”…

This doesn’t mean there are many Genders.

There are only two aspects of Gender (Masculine and Feminine).

And everyone and everything contains the two elements of this great Principle.

Gender is not simply about “sex” (the physical manifestation of Gender)…

As a lot of writers in the modern world like to depict it.

Nevertheless, that is not the main focus of this newsletter.

I will be focusing on the manifestation of Gender on the Mental Plane.

The Masculine and Feminine Principles within your mind.

Masculine and Feminine Principles.

What is The Principle of Gender?

The Principle of Gender talks about Generation, Regeneration, and Creation.

The Masculine Principle of Gender corresponds with the Conscious Mind.

The Masculine identifies with the Positive.

The Feminine Principle of Gender corresponds with the Subconscious Mind.

The Feminine identifies with the Negative.

The modern mind has been taught that “Positive” is good and “Negative” is bad.

And this is true in a lot of cases.

“All truths are but half-truths”…

However, when it comes to Gender and energy, the term “Negative” is far from being bad.

The word Positive implies something real and strong, as compared to the negative unreality or weakness.

Think in terms of the energy within a battery.

There is a “Positive” pole and a “Negative” pole. 

It is the combination of these two poles that energy is able to cycle.

The “Negative pole” of the battery is really the pole at which the generation and production of new forms and energies are manifested.

The negative terminal is the source of electrons.

If the Negative pole was strong, no new forms or energies could be produced or manifested.

There is literally nothing “negative” about it.

The Duality of Mind

There is a dual aspect to every Mind.

If you are a thinking person…

You can relate to the mental gymnastics that will often occur within your own mind.

You know deep down that you shouldn’t engage in certain behaviours.

You know you can believe in yourself.

You know what the correct thoughts and actions are.

You say to yourself that you won’t drink, smoke, binge, etc.

Yet when your emotions get the better of you…

When you are around someone with a stronger Will than yours…

You go against what you think and believe at your inner core.

There is a “duel” going on within the duality of your mind.

The goal is to reduce this conflict as much as possible.

Your job is to facilitate the harmony, correspondence, and cooperation between the two poles of your mind.

The Masculine Principle of Mind corresponds with the Objective Mind; Voluntary Mind; Active Mind and Conscious Mind.

The “I” aspect of your Mind.

The Feminine Principle corresponds with the Subjective Mind; Involuntary Mind; Passive Mind and Subconscious Mind.

The “Me” aspect of your Mind.

In Hermeticism, the “I” aspect of Being represents the Masculine Principle.

And the “Me” aspect of Becoming represents the Feminine Principle.

The “Me” represents your learned societal behaviours and expectations.

The “I” represents your individual identity.

The “I” is able to observe the “Me” and project its Will toward the “Me” in order to act along certain creative lines.

Your “Me” aspect is your tastes, likes, dislikes, feelings, habits, characteristics, etc.

All of these make up the “Self” and personality known to you and to others.

These emotions, feelings, likes, and dislikes are subject to change.

They are subject to the Principle of Rhythm and the Principle of Polarity.

You may also think of yourself as the knowledge that you have gathered in your mind and believe that it is a part of the “Self”.

The “I” part of you is capable of projecting its Will toward the “Me” in order to change your thoughts, feelings, mental states, and behaviours.

The Principle of Polarity comes to Mind here.

The “I” does not actively create or produce in a sense…

Rather it projects its Will toward the “Me”.

It is a process of “willing” that the mental creation begins and proceeds.

When you don’t listen to and apply what the “I” is projecting…

There is a conflict between the two aspects of your Mind.

How to Apply The Principle of Gender

The Subconscious Mind affects the Conscious Mind and the Conscious Mind affects the Subconscious Mind.

In order to create lasting change within yourself, you must use your Free Will to direct your attention toward aspects of life that are more desirable.

You must use your senses, your thoughts, and your actions to program your Mind in the best way possible.

You use the Masculine aspect of your Mind to impregnate the Feminine aspect of your Mind.

The repetition of this process will lead to new neural pathways being developed.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has a great quote that applies here.

“Neurons that fire together, wire together.”

If you want to become healthier…

You must input the right information via your senses.

It all begins with the thought of becoming healthy.

You make a decision to improve your health.

You understand what that looks like.

Then you allow the will projected from within yourself to dictate your actions in the world.

Your eyes must see your choices.

Your body must feel the workout.

Your Mind must think the healthy thoughts.

It will take time…

And your Mind and body will resist the change, to begin with.

But through consistent thought, feeling, and action…

Lasting change will occur.

Now is the time to take control of your Mind.

You’ve got this.

With energy,


Improve Your Health.

Expand Your Mind.

Raise Your Vibration.

If I can help you see your life and the world around you in a unique and interesting way as we progress along the path of betterment together, I’ll be a happy man. 

Join me as I explore the different aspects of self-improvement across the fascinating realms of the mind, body and spirit.

If I can help you see your life and the world around you in an unique and interesting way as we progress along the path of betterment together, I’ll  be a happy man.