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Join me as I explore the different aspects of self-improvement across the fascinating realms of the mind, body and spirit.

Dean Hardware

Dean Hardware

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The Principle Of Mentalism

How powerful is your mind?

Are you in control of your thoughts?

Do you believe you are the architect of your life?

The Principle Of Mentalism

“The ALL is Mind; The Universe is Mental.” – The Kybalion.

The Principle of Mentalism is the first Hermetic Principle because it explains where everything originates from.

Everything originates from the Mind. 

In your relative reality and that of absolute reality.

I’m not going to pretend like I understand the origins of existence…

Because in my opinion and in the opinion of the Hermetic Philosophy, 

The Universal Conscious Mind.

The Divine Creator.

Is unknowable. 

However, I will do my best based on what I have learned from the ancient Hermetic teachings.

It All Starts With A Thought.

Thought always precedes action.

Thought always precedes feeling and feeling leads to an emotion.

Emotion creates a vibration that affects the energy and reality around you.

A thought can come from the conscious mind or the subconscious mind.

Thought precedes everything in existence. 

You might wonder…

“Who thought a turtle into existence then?”

If this is your first time hearing about these Principles, I encourage you to keep an open mind.

As you progress in your understanding of The Great Hermetic Principles, you will begin to develop a “knowing”.

Things will start to click in your mind.


We only know what we know.

Until you are presented with more information, your mind has nothing more to process and your perception of reality is already formed.

This information has been known for thousands of years and has only recently become available to the masses.

Keep an open mind.

Knowledge is power.

The Universal Conscious Mind (The ALL)

“While All is in THE ALL, it is equally true that THE ALL is in All. To him who truly understands this truth hath come great knowledge” – The Kybalion

The ALL is the never changing substantial reality that underlies everything we know in this universe.

There can be nothing existing outside of The ALL otherwise it would not be The ALL.

The ALL is infinite. It has no beginning and no end. 

Nothing bounds, limits, or restricts The ALL.

The ALL is immutable. It is constant and never-changing. 

It cannot be added to or subtracted from. 

It cannot be increased or diminished. 

It has always been and always will be.

The ALL is Law itself from which all Laws emerge. Nothing but The ALL can escape Law.

The ALL is in the earthworm but the earthworm is far from being The ALL. 

The Universal Living Mind may be unknowable to humankind…

But what we can know are the Natural Laws that govern the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Planes.

“As above, so below; As within, so without.” – The Kybalion.

This is an axiom for The Principle of Correspondence (the second Principle).

There is powerful knowledge in this statement.

The reason I am bringing it into the equation is because all of these Principles intertwine.

The Principle of Correspondence helps us understand The Principle of Mentalism.

I will go into this Principle in more detail in the next newsletter.

Your Mind & The Universal Mind

Similar to how you create a Universe of your own within your own mentality, 

The Universal Mind creates a Universe of its own within its own mentality. 

The Wizarding World is a mental creation of J.K Rowling’s mind. 

The characters within this Universe may be imaginary to us…

But the Wizarding World is real to the characters in the story.

Harry Potter has a piece of J.K Rowling within him, but he is not J.K Rowling.

To Harry Potter, J.K Rowling is unknowable.

The same applies to us here on the Physical Plane…

We cannot know the Universal Living Mind from which all things permeate.

However, we can be aware of and understand the Laws that govern our universe across the Three Great Planes (Physical, Mental & Spiritual).

Relative Truth is “Things as the highest reason of human understanding.”

Absolute Truth is “Things as the Mind of Universal Consciousness knows them.”

The Divine Paradox

Everything is a half-truth. 

Everything is and isn’t. 

Everything is the same, but different. 

“All paradoxes may be reconciled”.

Events that exist relative to the senses of your human experience (arguments, memories, conflicts, experiences) are subjective by nature. 

It’s not the full picture. It is based on your perception of reality. 

If Universal Consciousness was a campfire, you would be the sparks that fly off of that fire.

You are having a relative experience. You are a piece of that consciousness.

You are creating your own reality during this finite experience…

But you are not The Divine Creator itself. You are not The ALL. 

The fact that you are having a relative experience here on earth, implies that you cannot be The ALL. 

The ALL is formless. 

However, it is inside of you and everything else in existence. 

How Can We Use This Information To Our Benefit?

Thoughts create your state of existence and the quality of your experience in life.

If you can control what you think…

You can control what reality manifests.

You must hold yourself radically accountable for everything you create by being responsible for your thoughts.

Your thoughts are driving your behaviour.

People behave the way they do because they have certain thought patterns and certain belief systems embedded in their subconscious minds.

It runs like a program.

Your behaviour will not magically change…

Your thoughts and emotions have to change first because they are the driving force behind your behaviour.

If you want to control your reality, you have to change the way you think.

Some people might contest this by asking something like…

“Why do bad things happen to people with good thoughts and intentions?”

This is because the thoughts, emotions, actions, and free will of the person causing the bad things to happen, are stronger than that of the person on the receiving end.

In the physical realm, an example of this could be that a full-grown adult can beat up a child.

He is bigger and stronger.

The same applies to thoughts and emotions. 

It is a battle of Light Vs Dark. 

Good Vs Evil.

This is why acquiring and applying knowledge is so important.

When you are aware of the magician’s trick…

It doesn’t work on you anymore.

If you are not aware of the trick, how will you see it and avoid being fooled?

Now we are entering the realm of important information being withheld by the people who wish to control others…

But that is a topic for another day.


Not every thought that pops into your mind is worthy of your attention.

It is your job to notice, pick up or put down the thoughts that arise.

The external world is constantly trying to tell you what to think, say and do.

It is constantly trying to grab your attention…

Your attention is your most powerful tool.

Whatever you focus your attention on, will grow…

“Where focus goes, energy flows” – Tony Robbins.

Train yourself to USE your mind correctly through the repetition of conscious thought, clear intention, and directed action.

You must feed your mind with the information that you want to download.

You must control (as much as you can) what goes into your mind through your senses.

When a negative thought pops up, train yourself to say,

“I do not accept that thought”.

When a positive thought pops up, you could say… 

“I accept that thought” or “I embrace that thought”.

You are building a muscle.

You can rewire your thought patterns.

You can change your mind.

But it takes time and continual practice.

Either you take control of your mind and program it yourself.

Or you can let the external world do it for you.

The choice is yours.

The Power Of Your Mind

Whether you have realised it yet or not…

We all live inside of our own reality that has been created within our minds based on the information it is given. 

The way you see or experience something isn’t the same for someone else.

It is all based on your own personal experiences, perceptions, and beliefs.

Everyone is living inside of their own UNIverse.

Every single person you meet will see you in a different light.

Some will see you as “interesting” or as a “beautiful human being”.

Others will see you as “boring” or “over the top”.

This is vibration. This is polarity. 

There is a reason you connect with some people and not others.

It is because your thoughts and vibrations are similar.

So you must do your absolute best to control your thoughts.

Because it is literally creating the world around you.

With energy,


Improve Your Health.

Expand Your Mind.

Raise Your Vibration.

If I can help you see your life and the world around you in a unique and interesting way as we progress along the path of betterment together, I’ll be a happy man. 

Join me as I explore the different aspects of self-improvement across the fascinating realms of the mind, body and spirit.

If I can help you see your life and the world around you in an unique and interesting way as we progress along the path of betterment together, I’ll  be a happy man.